Adapt To Any Situation

There’s nothing more frustrating than when you’re on set or in the studio and realise the thread size of your mic clip and stand don’t match up, or you need to mount your microphone but only have light stands available. The Thread Adaptor is a lifesaver in these moments. It features:

  1. A carabiner clip for attaching it to keys, clothing or a camera/audio bag so you always have it on hand, plus an integrated driver for tightening or loosening the adaptors.
  2. A 1/4" male to 5/8” female adaptor for connecting accessories with a 1/4" thread to any standard microphone stand or mount.
  3. A 5/8” male to 3/8” female adaptor for connecting accessories such as mic clips or shock mounts to stands that have a 5/8” thread.
  4. A 3/8” male to 1/4" female adaptor for mounting microphones and accessories onto camera gear.

Different combinations of the above threads can be used to create a wide range of thread conversions so you can adapt to any situation. The Thread Adaptor is made from durable stainless steel and brass and will last a lifetime.




Is the Thread Adaptor compatible with European thread sizes?

Yes, the Thread Adaptor is compatible with all standard thread sizes, including European threads. 

The Thread Adaptor features machined edges, making it easier to grip and twist the adaptors free. If loosening by hand fails, simply insert the integrated driver head into the adaptor grooves and turn.